Lake Malawi – Traveling Tips

Lake Malawi

This article shares tips about traveling around Lake Malawi from Lilongwe.

First of all, do you know where Lake Malawi is?

It’s located at the borders of 3 countries, Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, and part of the lake- Lake Malawi National Park- is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Lake Malawi National Park

Located at the southern end of the great expanse of Lake Malawi, with its deep, clear waters and mountain backdrop, the national park is home to many hundreds of fish species, nearly all endemic.   – UNESCO Official



When it comes to Lake Malawi, many people think first of going to Monkey Bay; however, we visited Senga and stayed at a 2 star hotel – Sunbird Livingstonia Beach Hotel.

If you prefer quiet vacation or occupy whole beach only with your friends, Senga has more possibilities than Monkey Bay.

In Senga, there are actually not many to see but you will see local life on the way to the lake.

For example, there is a building under construction in the middle of nowhere.

And there is a small village.

And beautiful nature.

After a few hours.

Finally, a hidden hotel and literally a private beach.



There is no public transport, therefore, you will have to rent or charter a car.

If possible it’s better you gather some friends or travelers and charter a minibus such as a Toyota Hiace with them.

It will be much cheaper for each pax. Preferably you would better have a Chewa speaker with you, especially for negotiating the price of transport and when you drop by at the local village.

I recommend you not to share with locals if you don’t wanna ride like this below.

3 persons in the front seats. How can a driver focus on driving safely?

But this style is very common in Malawi. Don’t be surprised if it happens to you.


There is a possibility to get infected by schistosome fluke / blood fluke in lake.

FYI: Name of disease

Schistosomiasis (Bilharziasis) is caused by some species of blood trematodes (flukes) in the genus Schistosoma. – CDC

If you have bloody urine after a few weeks of doing this trip, you are most probably infected.

But don’t worry, first you won’t die if you take an action.

All you need is just going to a near clinic and ask them “Praziquantel”, or product’s name “Biltricide”, they will give it by 40 mg/kg to you. So if your weight is 100kg, 4000 mg of praziquantel will be given.

If you ever visit Malawi and would like to spend quiet weekend, please try Senga with friends.


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マラウイ湖 – 旅のヒント


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