10 Tips for Dating Japanese Women

Dating a Japanese woman

Are you ready to get involved in a relationship with Japanese women?

This article shares tips on how to date Japanese women. You can learn how Japanese women tend to think when it comes to dating or being in relationship. 

1. Try to speak Japanese

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As the other article “5 tips for dating Japanese men” explained well, there is a huge gap between Japanese and English speakers. Besides, there are much less English speakers in Japan than any other countries. Therefore, you’d better try to learn basic Japanese.

Speaking Japanese is not as difficult as you may think. Although there are some pointless levels to respect, standard Japanese is enough for foreigners as locals will be more understanding and flexible. 

Writing and reading are probably difficult if you are not used to Asian alphabets. You can learn them later if you like.

2. Send a lot of messages before the first date

Japanese woman with phone

They tend to measure how much you are interested in them by weighting how many messages you send before the first date.

Messages don’t have to be long all the time. Just let them feel that you really want to go out with them.

If you don’t have Line, you’d better download it now. It’s more popular than other communication apps in Japan. Trust me, they love writing a lot.

3. Reply to her as quickly as you can

Japanese man with phone

Especially, once you read messages, reply to them. They get offended when men don’t reply after reading a message and make them wait for a while.

If you can’t reply fast, then you should tell them “I am busy at work, write to you back around 9pm”. This is very clear for them.

In fact, Japanese men are considered as workaholic and it’s sadly true. Japanese women are used to this situation.

However, they know you are earning well while you put her aside. Therefore, when it comes to some anniversaries they would expect that it’s worth waiting for you. 

4. Rather listen than talk

Japanese couple chat

Japanese women love to talk. Like really talk.

At girls parties called joshikai which are held and in which only women participate , everybody talks and nobody listens.

When you listen, you don’t have to create great phrases to make them feel better because they are not actually listening to you. Just showing a good attitude and an attentive ear to clearly show that you are sincerely listening to them is already enough.

Beside, they don’t expect men to provide excellent advice. Sometimes depending on the situation, they really need your advice though.


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