6 Ways of Yukata Date

Yukata Date

Date in Yukata

Would you like to go on a date wearing a yukata?

Do you think you can’t afford yukatas?

No, it’s not as expensive as you may think. Many people might think yukata is the same as a kimono but actually there are some differences between them. I will explain simply their differences before introducing  yukata date.

Difference 1: Underwear

Yukatas don’t require special underwear. You can wear yukatas with normal underwear. On the other hand, with kimonos you need to wear special underwear called nagajuban which is made a light fabric.

Difference 2: Occasion

Yukatas are  more casual than kimonos, which you can actually wear any occasions apart from formal ones. Meanwhile, people wear Kimonos at formal occasions such as new year assembly with relatives, the coming of age ceremony and a graduation ceremony.

Difference 3: Material

Yukata is mostly made of a cotton.

Kimono is mainly made of cotton, wool and chemical fiber.

In case you would like to compare them, links are attached below. First picture is yukata and second is kimono.

Here is a set of “washable” kimono.

Now let’s go back to 6 ways of yukata date!!

1.  Summer festival

Japanese woman in yukata

This is the most common yukata date. In Japan, almost all girls do it.

Many couples go to festivals and get some snacks and drinks at stalls there.

My advice is that you take just one portion every time you go to stalls and share it with your partner. That’s the secret to make your memory sweeter.

It’s always crowded at festivals so hold your partner’s hand and never let it go.

Some cities hold dancing summer festivals called Bon Odori.  Some call it Bon Festival mixed of Japanese and English words.

Dance of Bon Odori is not that hard, it’s slower and softer movement than other dances so that you would be able to follow other dancers easily.

2. Fireworks

fireworks in japan

Some events combine the festival and fireworks, therefore, you can enjoy both of them together.

Even if it’s only fireworks and you see them from your house or nearest high buildings, you can still wear yukatas with grabbing beer.

There is also handheld fireworks. This is doable at riversides or other empty fields.

In case you have never tried handheld fireworks, I found a video on YouTube for you to do properly and safely.

Some people do it wrong and lost fingers. There are not for handheld, those are supposed to set on the ground and put it on fire.


3. Kyoto

Kyoto street

Just walking around Gion in Kyoto and visiting some temples are already fun. There are many yukata rental shops in Kyoto so you don’t have to buy own yukata and learn how to wear it.

Unfortunately, moving a temple to another with yukata is not comfortable, you will be definitely tired.

Hence, it’s better you choose one nice temple and rent yukatas at the nearest shop if you like.

If you look for some reasonable hotels in Kyoto, Rakuten travel  would help for it.

FYI, geisha wears kimonos. They are used to taking photos with tourists though, kindly stay polite to them.

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