13 Items You Need to Take for The Next Trip

Useful Travel Items 

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This article introduces the best travel items which make your trip very comfortable. 

Although I have used to travel with a backpack before I went for suitcase, I am no longer a backpacker. Therefore, this article is more useful for suitcase travelers.

However, even if you are backpackers who never tried suitcase I appreciate your having a look.

Disclaimer; All the items and their reviews mentioned here are based on my personal experiences.

1. Cabin-sized luggage (Suitcase)

As I mentioned above, I used to travel with a backpack, however, once I realized a suitcase is much easier to walk around the airport or restaurant, sort out travel goods, I couldn’t go back to a large heavy backpack anymore.

There are 2 tips for choosing the suitcase. I will explain them briefly.

Tip 1. Size to be carry-on

There are different regulations depending on the airlines (see ANAKLM and Emirates) . In average W55cm×H40cm×D25cm which is approximately 40 L of suitcase is allowed to carry on. Actually, even if your luggage is slightly over-sized, it is normally allowed or unnoticeable.

If you prefer carry a large luggage and pack a lot of stuff, it’s OK. Choose big one but don’t forget that you would have some risks of lost luggage and getting damaged by rough transfer.

Tip 2. It doesn’t have to be hard

There are 2 reason why you should take soft luggage.

Reason 1: Carry-on size won’t be given to someone else.

You are the only one who touch it. It means that the suitcase would not be treated badly by someone else such as transfer workers. There might be a chance to get damaged only when you put it in and out the cabin.

Reason 2: Softer ones are lighter.

Normally, soft materials like made of fabrics can be lighter than hard ones like plastic or metric materials. Because any airlines are strict with wight, this is very important point. It would be absolutely better if you pay for light luggage than surcharge for over-weight.

2. Folding Backpack

Cabin-sized suitcase is not comfortable when you hike or go to the beach.

In this case, the foldable backpack can be a good solution.

When it’s not necessary while you travel, you can just fold it into pocket size and keep it in your suitcase. It will help you for sure but never bother you.

3. Dry bag – Porch type

If you would like to keep your phone and money safe with you while you go for swimming, this is probably helpful to you.

You will be able to leave your towels and other belongings behind on the beach without worry of baggage thieves. They may not steal sweaty towels and bags containing only bottles of oil and cream.

What they want is expensive properties such as phones and cash. Even if your empty bags were stolen, it wouldn’t be a huge damage.

4. Ultra Light Jacket

It is always very cold on board, even if you fly to hot countries. You definitely need a jacket, preferably compact one.

My favorite is Ultra light down (see more on Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Collection), which is foldable into a small bag and it would not bother your luggage space. It is very light but very warm.

According to my experience, when I visited Singapore where it is always hot, the inside of buildings is very cold because of air conditioners.

The worst place was the movie theater. It was literally freezing. Fortunately, I had ultra light down and I could focus on the movie though, some of my friends couldn’t stay till the end.

What I want to say is that even if you visit hot countries you’d better bring this item with you.

5. Waterproof Jacket

If you are a nature lover, you should take it with you.

My recommendation is rain coat / waterproof jacket from Uniqlo. It surely protects you from heavy rain and strong wind.

You can wear it on Ultra light down so that it keeps you very warm even under the sudden bad rain. This combination of  Ultra light down and Blockteck Coat can minimize the volume and make more space in your luggage.  

Blockteck Coat from Uniqlo


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