7 Apps You Must Download for The Next Trip

Useful Travel Apps

This article introduces the best apps for the trips.

Those apps here will help you as in time difference, booking rooms, currency rate, local information, transport and languages. I used to travel with thick heavy books though, these days it’s like all books in one place.

If you are interested in travel items, read “13 Items you need to take for the next trip” that explains well you need to take them.

1. World Clock

App World Clock

If you ring someone abroad while you travel, this app tells you the name of cities and their time.

You can customize the city list. This app has an alarm, timer and stop watch as well.

Current time on this app is automatically adjusted by GPS.

You can find it on Google Play or Amazon.

2. Rate Exchange

App Currency Converter

Apart from some European countries, currency needs to be exchanged unless you pay everything by credit cards or cryptocurrency.

This app shows rates of all currency in the world and some cryptocurrency. The key function is that you can convert a currency into any other currency at the same time.

For example, if you type 10.5 EUR you will see 12.4 USD, 1411 JPY, 0.0169 ETH and 0.0414 LTC on the screen at the same time, so that you won’t be ripped off by con men (as of December 2017). See

You can find this app on Google Store.

3. Grab

App Grab

This app searches the nearest available taxi for you. Especially in Asia, it gives us the cheapest price and provides more discounts than other apps.

Due to heavy traffic, the taxi you book could be later than you expect. But don’t worry. You can cancel it for free.

Uber is also well-known app for the same service. Depending on the country, Uber works better than Grab so you should download both of them.

Grab can be found here.


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