The Rock – Restaurant on the sea in Zanzibar

The Rock

the rock

Do you know a restaurant on the sea?

Technically, it’s built on a rock though, it does exist in this world for real.

I would like to introduce that fantastic restaurant in this article. 

Location & Access

The restaurant is literally named The Rock located in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

This is absolutely where you must visit before you die. As you can see, The Rock is shown on the sea on Google Maps.

It is far from main cities, therefore, you may need a car to access there.

The Rock is approx. 15 km away from Paje where many travelers stay. It takes 10 mins by car but on foot takes over 2 hours.

Some hostels rent motorbikes. Depending on the tide, you can easily ride motorbike on the beach and go to The Rock. This is the most recommended access way.

the rock 2

At The Rock, you can take many romantic photos that your friends would be jealous of you.

the rock 3

Besides, even if you wouldn’t have meal at the restaurant, just go to see the restaurant. The Rock itself is architecturally beautiful. Please don’t forget to bring your camera.

When it come to authentic restaurant, everybody thinks of a price.

Let me give you some examples on the next page.



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