Lunar Rainbow – Mysterious view at Victoria Falls

Lunar Rainbow

Have you ever seen a “Lunar rainbow” ?

It’s also called moonbow which can be seen in the night with strong moonlight.

There are several necessary conditions  to produce a lunar rainbow; therefore, the opportunity to observe it is much rarer than any normal rainbow produced by the sunlight. Let’s have a look at the conditions below.


1. It should be full moon.

2. There should be no clouds.

3. The moon must be low in the sky

4. The sky should be dark like in the countryside

5. There should be enough moisture in the air

Although it is not easy to satisfy those conditions, there are many places where you can observe it, especially, near waterfalls. Let’s have a look at a perfectly photographed moonbow.


source: Shawn Reeder

The Best Location

If you want to see real lunar rainbows, try Victoria Falls, Zambia. And don’t forget to take a nice camera with you, I tried to take vivid photos of lunar rainbows but my cheap camera was not good enough for the night view.

Let me show you my effort at Victoria Falls.

This one was my best shot.

Although I am sure I need a special lesson in photography, it is always better to try your best. If you have any recommendations for a good camera, please leave a comment.

My favorite camera as of April 2020.

Anyway, it was very mysterious landscape.

The combination of those unique situations over the huge waterfalls has made it to a UNESCO a world heritage site, the dark night, super moon, double lunar rainbow (it might be difficult to see on photo) and first experience for me made it even more special. I strongly recommend you to go there one day.


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