The Rock – Restaurant on the sea in Zanzibar


As you can imagine, it is not so cheap.

You must be ready for an expense but super unique and romantic situation. Average costs are written below for your reference.

Starter : 16 ~ 20 USD
Pasta : 18 ~ 19 USD
Main course : 20 ~ 30 USD
Dessert : 8 USD

If you order salad, fillet and ice cream it would cost over 50 USD quickly.

But some people say it’s really worth it. In fact, you’d better book in advance through website. When we went there were lot of customers.

the rock food

While you wait for your table, you can kill your time at a balcony and take some nice photos.

When you finish main meal, you will be probably asked to move to the balcony for the rest of drink or dessert depending on how busy the restaurant is.

the rock drinks

Some of customers got offended by being asked to give their tables and move to the balcony. And they made some negative evaluation.

Recommended Hotel

Paradise Beach Bungalows is one of the best hotel in Paje. (see

They have several types of rooms and it’s located right in front of Paje beach. A Japanese owner with a few dogs and cats will welcome you.

paje beach

The owner can speak Japanese, English and Swahili so she would help you for communication with locals.

There is free wifi but you should leave your electronic devices in your room and just relax on the beach.

Masai Warriors

Sometimes she invites Masai warriors and they dance for you and show their famous high jumps.

Of course they don’t mind jumping with you. Never miss that opportunity.

masai jump

Sunset View

Don’t worry about sunset. You will never miss it.

The hotel has a private bar so that you enjoy seeing sunset with beer.

A picture below was taken from a terrace. My friend tried to take an amazing photo which might make your friends get jealous of you through social networks!!

paje beach 2

Traveling Africa

When you think of Africa, you may get a picture of savanna field and wild animals in your mind. I was like that before I went to live in Africa.

However, there are actually many beautiful sea and beaches like Bali and Phuket.

So now, why don’t you try to go far beyond usual destinations?

If you are planning to travel now, try to visit where you have never even imagined.


Japanese version of this article
ザ・ロック – ザンジバルの海上レストラン


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