Japanese Traditional House – Cheaper Than Cars

Japanese Traditional House

Are you interested in a Japanese traditional house?

This articles introduces affordable Japanese traditional houses.

If you would like to invest Japanese housing, the followings would help it in terms of initial cost.

Declaimer :
Some of houses listed below might have been already sold out so it can be no longer online. The aim of this article is to help you to know that you could find an affordable Japanese traditional house in Japan.

Unit for Japanese House

Before you check the houses, you’d better know how Japanese house indicates its size.

LDK is an abbreviation frequently used in the world of Japanese real estate to describe apartments. It stands for Living, Dining and Kitchen area, and is preceeded by the number of rooms. Some examples are:

  • 1K = one room apartment with kitchen
  • 1DK = one room apartment with dining and kitchen area
  • 1LDK = one room apartment with a living, dining and kitchen area
    Japan Guide

1. House with a wide terrace for DIY lovers

Source: SUUMO

Location: Ina city, Nagano
Price : 2,000,000 JPY (approx. 17,600 USD / 15040 EUR )
Building area: 112.39 m2 (9DK)
Land area: 454.57 m2
Built in 1901
Remarks: Not for the vacation house. You have to live in the house and join a local community as conditions. 6 mins (466m) to Osafuji post office on foot. 13 min (982m) to Takatou second and third kindergarten on foot. As an option, 8200m2 of field and mountain are available, if you are interested in it you can ask about it as well through agency.

2. House with a garden near ski site

Source: SUUMO

Location: Nishikawa town, Yamagata
Price: 2,800,000 JPY (approx. 24,600 USD / 21,100 EUR)
Building area: 114.73m2 (10DK)
Land area: 362.06m2
Built in 1971
Remarks: 4 mins by car to Nishikawa Chomin ski site. 14 mins on foot to supermarket. A built-in garage for 2 cars.

3. House of traditional style roof with field

Source:  SUUMO

Location: Kitakami city, Iwate
Price: 2,900,000 JPY (approx. 25,500 USD / 21,800 EUR)
Building area: 133.88m2 (6K)
Land area: 956.75m2
Built in 1869
Remarks: Toilet is modified to washlet. south facing, sunny.

Housing of less than 30,000 USD in Japan may sound impossible but they do exist. Those aboves could be even cheaper than brand new cars. And when it comes to the car, you will definitely need it if you live countryside. Now let’s take a look at higher priced housings which may no longer cheaper than your fancy cars.

4. House requiring renovation

Source: SUUMO

Location: Setouchi city, Okayama
Price: 6,500,000 JPY (Approx. 57,000 USD / 48,900 EUR)
Building area: 93.22m2 (4K)
Land area: 595.86m2
Built in 1900
Remarks: Quite place. 17 mins on foot to JR Okuchou station located in the center of city where you can find almost all facilities such as hospitals, schools and markets etc . Wide garden. Large old style vestibule. This housing needs some rebuilding so that you can customize as you like.

5. House with traditional garden surrounded by fence

Source: SUUMO 

Location: Nantan city, Kyoto
Price: 6,800,000 JPY (Approx. 59,650 USD / 51,130 EUR)
Building area: 111.73 m2 (6DK)
Land area: 479.33 m2
Built in 1971
Remarks: 33 mins on foot to JR Yoshitomi station where takes 40 mins to Kyoto station by train. Land is surrounded by a traditional fence. Small garden. Garage for a car. Some places in the house need to be fixed.

6. House with organized garden and plain land

Source: SUUMO

Location: Saku city, Nagano
Price: 8,980,000 JPY (approx. 78,800 USD / 67,520 EUR)
Building area: 90.74 m2 (5DK)
Land area: 299.96 m2
Build in 1947
Remarks: 33 mins on foot to JR Nakagomi station. 10 mins on foot to Nozawa primary school. 99m2 of plain land next to housing. Organized traditional small garden at the entrance.

Although some housings are not for vacation house, now you know there are affordable houses in Japan.

As far as I know, almost all foreigners believe that everything in Japan is too expensive but it’s kind of myth for me.

You can still find reasonable house and use it for Airbnb for example. There is new law about vacation rental in Japan. I will write about it soon.

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