How to learn Japanese language quickly

This article gives you the effective learning methods for Japanese language. Those tips work not only for Japanese but also for any other languages.

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1. Watch Japanese movies with subtitles

Watching Japanese movies / anime with Japanese subtitles is an enjoyable learning method. You don’t have to go to the language school for it.

If you watch by following the steps below, your Japanese listening and reading skills will be improved quickly.

  1. Audio in your mother tongue with subtitle in Japanese
  2. Audio in Japanese  with subtitle in your language
  3. Audio in Japanese with subtitle in Japanese
  4. Repeat 1 to 3 at your favorite scenes.

The first step

As in English audio and Japanese subtitle, it’s good practice for reading Japanese. And watching movies or anime in your language make you understand the whole story better.

The second step

As in Japanese audio and English subtitle, this is a good practice for listening to Japanese. While you watch it twice as in first and second step, you would already memorize the whole story.

The third step

As in Japanese audio and Japanese subtitle, this is a good practice for listening and reading Japanese. You may have already known that movie or anime very well since it’s your third time watching this. You can easily guess what kind of context is going on.

Ghibli series

I suggest you to choose short anime like 10 – 20 mins. Long movies would make you tired.

Otherwise, just try Ghibli series and watch them little by little. Those are the most popular series in Japan and translated into many languages.

There is Ghibli museum in Mitaka, Japan. You will see many local and foreigners there, if you are interested.

When you walk along Kichijoji Avenue, in the shade of the tall green trees of Mitaka’s Inokashira Park, you come upon a colorful building. Standing in front of a sign that says “Ghibli Museum, Mitaka”, a very large Totoro welcomes you at the entrance. When you look through the portholes, soot-black Dust Bunnies are there as well. But this is not the real entrance. Totoro shows you where the real entrance is. Source: Ghibli Museum


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