Cryptocurrency Exchange List – Simple Descriptions


This article simply explains the cryptocurrency exchange from all over the world.

There are descriptions for each exchange that may be helpful to you to choose the suitable one. None of cryptocurrency exchanges is the same. Each exchange provides each service and cryptocurrency. Some deal with only few cryptocurrencies due to considering the risks. Some deal with over 10 or even 100.

Coincheck, bitFlyer, Zaif, Binance, QUOINEX, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, EXMO, BITPoint, GMO Coin, etc. ( will keep this page updated)



ビットコイン取引高日本一の仮想通貨取引所 coincheck bitcoin
Founded : Aug in 2012

HQ : Tokyo, Japan

Language : Japanese, English, Chinese, Indonesian

Cryptocurrency : BTC, ETH, ETC, LSK, FCT, XMR, REP, XRP, ZEC, XEM, LCT, DASH, BCH totally 13 cryptocurrencies*

(* XEM is currently not available since Coincheck was hacked and lost XEM on 26th Jan 2018, which was equivalent to approx. 58,000,000,000 JPY = 532,000,000 USD. Coincheck will compensate for customer’s loss, according The Mainichi)

Trading fees : Taker 0%, Maker 0% (Currently it’s on a campaign)

Remarks: One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. Not only for trading cryptocurrency but also for lending service called “Coincheck lending” available. You can earn interest rate at maximum 5% by lending cryptocurrency to Coincheck. As the world has seen their customer service in case your cryptocurrency is stolen is not bad. You can register for “Coincheck from here“.

ビットコイン取引高日本一の仮想通貨取引所 coincheck bitcoin

bitFlyer ビットコインを始めるなら安心・安全な取引所で bitFlyer ビットコインを始めるなら安心・安全な取引所で bitFlyer ビットコインを始めるなら安心・安全な取引所で

Founded : Jan in 2014

HQ : Tokyo, Japan

Language : Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Indonesian

Cryptocurrency : BTC, ETH, ETCLCT, BCH, MONA totally 6 cryptocurrencies

Trading fee : 0.01 – 0.2%

Remarks : bitFlyer has made contracts with one of the largest Japanese insurance companies and provides the insurance against fraudulent withdrawals of Japanese yen (JPY) that occurred as a result of stolen email addresses, passwords, and other vital information of users who have enabled two-factor authentication. Also cyber insurance that covers the theft, disappearance, etc. of Bitcoins resulting from cyber attacks, etc., on bitFlyer. Normally when exchanges go bankrupt, assets just disappear. If you think about it, bitFlyer is more friendly than others. You can register for “bitFlyer from here“.



Founded : Jun in 2014

HQ : Osaka, Japan

Language : Japanese, English

Cryptocurrency : BTC, XEM, MONA, BCH, ETH, ZAIF, XCP, BCY, SJCX, FSCC, PEPECASH, CICC, NCXC, COMSA [ETH], COMSA [XEM] totally 15 cryptocurrencies

Trading fee: -0.01%

Remarks : Run by Tech Bureau, Corp.. Zaif provides “Instant Exchange” for BTC and MONA, trading for main crytocurrencies, token and COMSA. Technical analysis tool called “TradingView”  is available on the chart for free. They also provide the service called “Zaif Coin Reserve” which automatically buys BTC monthly by paying for certain amount of JPY.  You can register for “Zaif from here



Founded : Sep in 2015

HQ : Shanghai, China

Language : Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, French

Cryptocurrency : BNB, BTC, NEO,  ETH, QTUMLCT, EOS, SNT, BNT, GAS, BCC, BTM, USDT, HCC, HSR, OAX, DNT, MCO, ICN, ZRX, OMG, WTC, LRC, LLTYOYO, TRX, START, IOTA, ZEC etc. over 100 cryptocurrencies!!

Trading fee: 0.01%

Remarks : Run by Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd. (see whitepaper). One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Many minor coins (some call them shit coins) are available, therefore, too many registrations had rushed in to Binance and they ended up limiting the number of registrations at that time. You can trade BNB, BTC, ETH and USDT with responding cryptocurrencies respectively. If you want to be one of billionaires by dealing with minor coins, register for “Binance from here“.



Founded : May in 2014

HQ : Tokyo, Japan

Language : Japanese, English

Cryptocurrency : BTC, NEO,  ETHBCHQTUM, DASH, UBTC, QASH totally 8 cryptocurrencies.

Trading fee: 0%

Remarks : QUOINEX was founded in Singapore though, HQ is based in Japan. One of the largest exchanges in Asia. Their token named QUASH (see whitepaper) is available. Over 12 billion dollars are traded a year and fully secured by bank-grade security system in Japan. You can start with a demo trade which is no need to enter your personal information and see if you like QUOINEX. You can register for “QUOINEX“.


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