Teach me Karate! – African Karate Boys

Teach me Karate!!

That’s what I was told all the time when I was living in Zambia, even if they saw me for the first time!!

That was so surprising because I am actually good at it and also I wondered why they knew it. They actually love to watch action movies and it may have given them the idea that all Asians are good at martial arts. What a cliché !

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Expectation Failed

Fortunately, I have a 4-year-experience in Karate so I decided to train a few serious boys out of hundreds candidates.

At the beginning, I tried to accept any trainees as many as I could, however, I soon noticed that many of them expected that learning martial arts is as easy as in the Matrix movies where the protagonist mastered Kung-fu. 

Unfortunately, once most of participants felt little pain they stopped coming to practice immediately. 

If it were easy, everybody would be enough strong.

If it were easy, no one would be suffering from violence. 

If it were easy, it would not be called a martial “art”.  

Without pain, you cannot be strong.

Hidden Dojo

Where did we practice Karate despite having no parks and no facilities?

Take a look. 

They created a Dojo in the middle of nowhere!!!
This is surprising, isn’t it?

They didn’t want to be disturbed by other people, therefore, they chose a place surrounded by tall grasses.

This African style of doing Karate was so exciting and so surprising for me. Most importantly, I appreciated their enthusiasm.

How I trained them? How did they grow up?

If you are interested in my real students, please check the articles below. 


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