13 Items You Need to Take for The Next Trip

6. Toiletry Bag

This keeps your bath goods in order and protects your nice clothes from liquid leakage. It’s very handy to bring all bath goods together to the restroom on board.

This kind of bags is designed for using tiny toilet. You can hook it on the wall while the bag is open and take what you need.

Several types are available. I recommend ones that have several pockets so that you can sort items nicely.

7. Plastic Zipper Bag

Shampoos and conditioners need to be packed in zipper bags based on regulations (see ANA, KLM and Emirates).

You would better take some spares just in case zipper bags get damaged or lost. It doesn’t require huge space and weight.

8. 100ml of bottles

Why 100ml?

Because the volume of bottles is limited at any airlines. Total amount of bottles is normally up to 1 litter (see the links of ANA, KLM and Emirates as examples).

Although you can find small bath goods at shops, some of them are actually over 100ml such at 110 or 150ml.

You would have a chance to buy them unknowingly. And then, if you encountered very strict custom officers, they would take those slightly oversize ones away from you.

Plus, those simple bottles are better than original ones in terms of weight and temporality. Simple bottles are usually lighter than original ones such as TSUBAKI and Pantene since they are produced to look cool.

9. Foldable hanger

Some hotels don’t provide enough hangers, especially guesthouse and home-stay.

It’s really disappointing when you wash your clothes but there are not enough hangers. You would have to dry your clothes at unsuitable locations and they will be smelly afterwards. 

In another case, if you love to camp in the mountain, the foldable hangers are completely required. Especially, a special rope holds the hangers very well even under strong window. This rope is made for hungers.


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