African Karate Boys – Possibilities of the Universe

3. Brat’s Story

African Karate boy N continued, People judge by the cover.”

I replied, Those idiots are not entitled to add their names on the story ‘Karate Boy N’.

Entitled to my story?” he asked.

Shut up.” I said.

Yes, sensei.”, he answered.

I got a feeling that I talked a bit too much. I decided we should get back to practicing. However, my words didn’t stop. They would be pulled out by their pureness.

You have possibilities beyond measure. It’s like a cosmic scale, which is never limited by race. First, just accept it.” I said.

Yes, sensei.

Human possibility has light and darkness. It means that your life can widen unlimitedly in either a good way or a bad way. And your personality is its loadstar, not your beautiful dark skin. Write this on your heart like an engraving on a stone so it will never disappear from your heart.”

I did.” he replied.

You said people judge a book by its cover, didn’t you?” I asked.


In fact, some people judge. However, they are unfortunately wearing coloured spectacles and think they see “common sense”.

There is nothing wrong with the inborn beauty of different people. Wise men look to behavior not looks.  

Behavior matters

So I replied, Technically speaking, your behavior can be judged. Your personality is reflected on your behavior. A modest behavior attracts people.

Yes.” he replied faithfully.

People tend to assume that once they obtain little bit more status or money than others around them that they are better.

Everybody has this potential, because the devilishness of power is too strong. Therefore, those who are never arrogant in any situation, and who always stay modest, are admired by everybody.

I told him, “Be a modest man who has the bearing of a king. I hope karate will help it.”

Yes.” he replied.

When the day comes where you guys explore the world, make best friends beyond race. When you write your story, you will have names you definitely want to add to it, as you are to me.

It’s not easy to get over an inferiority complex. It isn’t for me either.

Even after starting work as a translator, I only have 3 pairs of shoes, which are leather shoes, sandals and sneakers. I haven’t bought shirts or underwear that cost over $5. My only winter jacket is one I got 4 years ago.

I was in poverty for 27 years. I will never forget where I am from.

I talked to them with a feeling that is similar to praying.

One day, I would like to share the story of you and I with somebody in the world. It’s worth it. Einstein said ‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’ And you guys already know it naturally.”

Who are you going to talk with? I think everybody would laugh at us.” he asked.

Not sure who and where. It doesn’t matter. Those who can see your value should be enough to share with.

Their eyes lit up brighter than usual.


・Vol.1. “Teach me Karate! – African Karate Boys

     In JP「空手を教えてください! – アフリカの空手ボーイズ


・Vol.2. “Karate Boys in Africa – Karate is for self-defense

     In JP 「アフリカの空手ボーイズ奮闘記 – Karate is for self-defense


Japanese version / 日本語版

アフリカの空手ボーイズ ― 宇宙の可能性



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