5 Tips for Dating Japanese Men

3. No swearing 

Angry woman

Japanese girls don’t swear often, at least as far as Japanese men know.

They rather imply negative attitudes than swearing. Even in Japanese anime and dramas, F-word is hardly seen. In the Yakuza movies? Yes, you will lean a lot of aggressive words from them.

These days, several values are getting more officially accepted. People describe it as open mind or variability. However, typical Japanese men do not expect girls to speak like Yakuza or gangsters.

Swearing is considered as lack of education, patience, politeness and morality. There are still many ways of complaining with words of kindness.  And Japanese are used to it over 2000 years from the ancient time.

Therefore, I sincerely suggest you to try use gentle words in English either Japanese.


4. Be punctual

Date woman and watch

Japanese have been taught to be punctual since kindergarten.

As time is no longer only yours when you do something with somebody, you should not waste other’s time.

Any business fields of Japan respect punctuality. It’s not rare to make a report to explain to your boss why you couldn’t be in time and how you will improve it, when you are late for 1 minute. If your boss thinks you are not taking it seriously, you can be fired for non-compliance.

“Come on! It’s just one minute!”

It doesn’t work like that at work unless it’s your first case. Under those circumstances, to be punctual is no longer good but too normal.

When you get a date by chance, please respect his precious time.

What if the public transport is late? If it’s over 5 mins, they provide the proof of delay. 

And what if the train leaves early? like 20 seconds earlier. They even published a letter of apology.

I hope you would understand how important punctuality is in Japan and I am not exaggerating at all.


5. Be ready for workaholic


Have you ever heard “Karoushi” ? It means “death from overwork“. Japanese men are considered as workaholic by by foreigners but the thing is they don’t realize it until they commit suicide or are diagnosed as depression by doctors.

Too many tasks and pressure from work make Japanese workaholic automatically. Let me give you an example of typical worker’s day.

He officially works at company from 8 AM to 5 PM, 5 days a week. After 5 PM he still has something to do for one more hour.

And after going home or restaurant, he works there for few more hours unofficially. Before midnight, he takes shower and goes to bed.

The following day, before going to work, he starts reading news related to his work field or e-mails from clients and colleagues.

While he commutes on public transport, he replies mails and whatsapp to his girlfriend.

On weekends, in the daytime, he goes golf with clients or bosses to get opportunities of new connections or promotions. In the evening, he needs to join a drinking party.

Sunday evenings, he finally meets his girlfriend with a lot of complaints.

This is a typical busy week of Japanese. Not only for men but also women. It has nothing to do with them whether they take care of family or partners. They are unknowingly forced to follow the routine, of course, depending on their job though.

If your partner is workaholic, stop complaining but start seeking a better job for him through your connections.


Special Bonus

Regarding to the world famous rumor, according to what I heard, luckily it is not always true. As a matter of fact, many girls don’t care about it so much. Most importantly, men should know what to do.


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